Events. Reimagined!

An event is more than just a date, a venue and the coming together of individuals. It is the creation of moments than would leave upon the senses a lasting memory.

Evnts Corp is an Event Hosting and Management Startup.

Having seen a phenomenal growth in Indian events and entertainment space in the last decade, it is only fair to bring forth the movers, the doers, the high-performers and create for you events unlike anything you have experienced before.

Why Evnts Corp?

At Evnts Corp, we believe we understand the needs of our clients and translate it into a memory they’d love to go over again and again. Evnts Corp is young, dynamic, creative and backed with a lot of enthusiasm, striving to make your next event the most memorable one.

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Upcoming Events

FoundersMeet :
PHP Conference :
FounderAwards :
Web Summit : http:///

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